Leisure Lawns Poly Outdoor Furniture

Leisure Lawns Poly Outdoor Furniture provides gorgeous time honored craftsmanship that hearkens back to colonial America. You’ll feel great knowing that you’ve purchased a green product made from milk carton recyclables. Each of these pieces is made with the same craftsmanship as our wood furniture. These pieces go back to a time when form was just as important as function, and the attention to detail spoke to the pride the builders took in cultivating each and every piece. Our poly furniture is built to last a lifetime and you can take pride in knowing that concern for the environment was at hand when building it. Every piece is handmade, hand cut and screwed together.

This beautiful, colorful and very durable poly furniture loves the outdoors and is maintenance free. Brad’s Barns is pleased to offer our customers these outdoor furnishings that are maintenance free and offer a 20 year warranty. Choose from 16 colors and combo colors for a designer look.

Each piece is hand made with care and integrity
Hand assembled with bolts and screws for strength, durability, and quality assurance
Ball bearings in glider for a smoother ride
Swivel gliders feature durable stainless steel swivel
16 colors plus combo colors for a designer look

Poly Furniture Prices

Here is sample of the Leisure Lawns outdoor poly furniture products available at Brad's Barns & Gazebos. Visit our outdoor showroom to see more pieces on display, and take home a full color catalog.