Dutch Barns

Our Dutch High Wall Barns and Mini Barns are about as close as our sheds come to the traditional style of shed. While still appealing to Americana-style architecture with the gambrel roof, these barns are ideal places for storage. We provide them cedar, vinyl, and duratemp, and they're spacious enough to accommodate a number of uses. All sizes feature our expert craftsmanship, and make gorgeous additions to your backyard with a variety of profile choices and amenities.

  • Dutch High Wall with 6 1/2' wall
  • Mini 6 with 6' wall
  • Mini 5 with 5' wall
  • Mini 4 with 4' wall
  • 2x4 pressure-treated floor joists 12" on center
  • 3/4" treated tongue and groove LP flooring
  • 2x4 studs 16" on center
    (2x6 optional and in larger buildings)
  • Barn style trusses with plywood gussets
  • Rolled ridge vent
  • 2" roof overhangs on water run-off sides
  • 4" roof overhangs on gables
  • Double door
  • (2) aluminum windows with shutters
  • Double 2"x4" header above doors
  • Vented soffits
  • Diamond door plate
  • (2) 8"x8" gable vents
  • 30-year architectural shingles over tar paper
For finish material, color options, and decorative items please view our Options page.