The carriage design may be less house-like, but these gorgeous little carriage sheds are an ornamental way for you to store either your gardening tools, or your cooking tools. The idea behind them is to not only act as effective storage space, but to also act as ornamental enhancements to your property. There’s a reason why sheds like these add to the value of your property. They’re simply gorgeous to look at it. They may be little bit smaller size-wise, but they’re sturdy and durable enough to sleep in and will make a prized addition to your backyard, and a great spot for a barbecue.


Carriage Shed Features

2x4 pressure-treated floor joists 12" on center

3/4" treated tongue and groove LP flooring

2x4 studs 16" on center
(2x6 optional and in larger buildings)

30-year architectural shingles over tar paper

5/12 roof pitch
(2x4 notched rafters to sit on wall)

6' 4 1/22" wall height

Rolled ridge vent

24" roof overhang on front water run-off side

6" roof overhang on back water run-off side

4" roof overhang on gables

Single round top or square double door

(2) aluminum windows with shutters

Double 2x4 header above doors

Vented soffits

(2) 8x8 gable vents