The A-Frame Deluxe models are still built on the sturdy A-Frame, but here we’ve added a little something extra to the mix. As you can see, these options are architecturally ornate, featuring sunroofs, diamond door plating, and arched doorways. These adorable miniature houses would be quite at home in Tolkien’s picturesque land of the Hobbits, and are ideal not simply for storage but activities of all kind. Indeed, if you never saw the inside of the shed it would still look beautiful on your property. Nowadays it’s not unheard of for sheds to act as entertainment areas with bars, or as play as areas for the kids, and these are some of the best models you’ll find anywhere in the state.


A-Frame Deluxe Shed Features

2x4 pressure-treated floor joists 12" on center

3/4" treated tongue and groove LP flooring

2x4 studs 16" on center
(2x6 optional and in larger buildings)

30-year architectural shingles over tar paper

7/12 roof pitch
(2x4 notched rafters to sit on wall)

1x4 trim on roof line

6" roof overhangs on all four sides

Double door with transom windows

(2) aluminum windows with shutters

Double 2x4 header above doors

(2) 8x8 gable vents

6' 8" wall height

Long heavy-duty hinges with ice box latch

2-aluminum windows or 12-lite wood with shutters

Vented soffits and rolled ridge vent

Diamond door plate